Testimonial Video Production

Let your clients talk the talk with powerful testimonials

Filming Video Testimonials in Northampton and across the UK

A video testimonial from a satisfied client is a very powerful Marketing tool! A punchy video gets straight to the point, is undoubtedly genuine and generates, not only a positive image for you, but unbounded exposure for both you and your client.

Video Testimonials and Video Case Studies are extremely effective when incorporated into website content and marketing material.  They can be optimised and broadcast through YouTube and embedded into your website for enhanced optimisation. They can be included in PowerPoint presentations, hyperlinked in eMail footers and more.

The elDRAW Creative Media team has been commissioned to document the success stories of clients spanning numerous and varied industries and in most cases we’ve combined these testimonials with a company introductory video for enhanced impact and complementary exposure.

Watch our testimonial video showreel to see some previous examples

How the Testimonial Film Process Works

As we’re working with the clients of our clients here, it’s a given that we understand the importance of planning. In most cases we’ll include travel to two or three customers of your choice.

Our skilled videographers will visit your clients’ premises and interview them in an appropriate area on-site. This also allows us to capture relevant and supporting ‘b-roll’ footage – It also looks great if your staff are involved in the footage to demonstrate real-life client interaction, whether this be a genuine visit, or a reenactment.

Alternatively, we can arrange for all parties to meet at a mutual location – This can save on film and travel time. We generally film Testimonial Videos over one-to-two days, depending on the number of parties involved. For flexibility, we offer both a half and a full day film rate.

To find out more about the elDRAW video production approach and the power of Testimonial Videos, speak to our creative team on 01832 730606

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Stephen Bassett – Arkle Finance Ltd

“We employed the services of elDRAW to produce a short corporate promotional video clip.  They were very quick to respond and then interpreted our ideas well, adding value of their own.  After time on site to film, the clip was quickly brought to life and we were very happy with both the results and the cost effectiveness of the whole exercise.”

Stephen Bassett – Arkle Finance Ltd