Olympus Care Service – Animation videos

Animation, Service Video

Olympus Care Services is owned by Northamptonshire county council, a part of NASS (Northamptonshire Adult Social Services). Olympus Care Services are creating on-going campaigns designed to increase awareness in the services they provide to the local community. These services range from supporting people who have a physical or learning disabilities, to helping older people and people living with dementia.

Olympus Care Services created a campaign called ‘At Home Longer’ which promotes their assistive technology services – products designed to help older people stay independent and live in their own homes for longer. As part of their campaign Olympus created several radio adverts which air on local radio stations throughout Northamptonshire. Eldraw’s task was to take the existing radio adverts and convert them into an online friendly, video format. We felt animation was the easiest, most appropriate and cost effective way to produce these videos, which are now being targeted across various social media platforms in Northamptonshire.

Below are the 4 animation videos we created for Olympus Care Services

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