Gorilla Safety Footwear

Product Video

Gorilla Safety Footwear is an online shop, catering for the ever-expanding safety workwear and safety footwear needs. As increased safety becomes more and more important across all industries Gorilla meets the demand by stocking some of the best safety footwear on the market, including safety boots, work boots, safety shoes and safety trainers.

For this project the goal was clear from the start, the client required short, sharp, cost effective videos for multiple boot models – highlighting the features of the individual boots. The videos were shot in elDRAW’s custom studio on an infinity white background and turn table. Bright lighting was used to give a very clean look to the videos. We felt that the use of ‘tracked graphics’ (where the text moves with the boot) would work nicely with the project as we needed to bring attention to specific parts of the boots.

So far elDRAW has filmed 10 specific boot models, and will continue to film new and existing Gorilla stock. Check it out below…

Video Production Breakdown:

Filming – 8-10 boots filmed in 1 day with 1 camera operative
Shot in the elDRAW studio
0.5 days post production per boot, including bespoke graphics and logo animation
Royalty free music track
Delivery of files in mp4 format
Uploaded and optimised to Youtube channel