Fpod – Food tech backpack

Product Video

Phillipa Scott is the designer & inventor of Fpod. A revolutionary back bag designed for school children, allowing them to safely and hygienically transport ingredients to school food technology lessons.

The project was by far one of the most fun and unique briefs we have worked on this year, really allowing for creative thinking and a bit of film like production.

Originally Phillipa came to us requesting a typical white background product video. We knew this just wasn’t going to do the product justice, or appeal to the teenage and parent market! It needed to be fun, whilst subtlety selling the key benefits of the project.

This project involved a great deal of planning and arrangements. Finding the right location was our main concern and could have been the downfall of our whole idea. The filming took place at ‘Prince William School’ in Oundle. The school staff were brilliant and made the whole logistics easy, so a huge amount of gratitude is owed to them. We really can’t thank them enough.

The students were real student actors from the school and were just fantastic. A real pleasure to work with!

The video concept:

Based on a real life day at school, we wanted to show the Fpod bag in action vs the traditional unhygienic and potentially messy way of transporting raw food goods to school.

The film follows two characters as they embark on their day -from home to school. Of course the Fpod user has no struggles at all as the design of the bag ensures organised, clean and hygienic transportation. On the other hand the girl without the Fpod bag finds herself in a few sticky situations 🙂

The footage captured also allows for a future short edit, used solely to show the product features – due to be edited after product launch.

We hope you enjoy!

Production Breakdown

Extensive planning & storyboarding
Filming – 1 day with 2 camera operative and 1 assistant Shot at Prince William School Oundle
Actors and extras supplied by the school
3-4 days post production including logo graphics
Royalty free music track Delivery of files in mp4 format
Optimised and uploaded to Youtube channel