CrossFit Gym – ShireFit

Business Introduction, Service Video

We were delighted to be recommended to Jack Fleckney, founder of CrossFit East Northants, and the umbrella brand ShireFit. As fitness lovers ourself we knew this videography project was going to be fun. We had an initial meeting to view the facilities and run some ideas past each other, which led to some great creative thinking from all.

The Shirefit website was being re-built, and it was a no brainer that video had to be a part of this. Social media video content was also very important as this plays a large part in their new client referrals. We needed to create a series of videos to introduce the CrossFit gym, its background, its facilities and most importantly get across the amazing vibe and community spirit that oozes from the ShireFit members & staff.

This resulted in the creation of the following 5 CrossFit Gym videos:

ShireFit CrossFit Gym Walkthrough Video

This walk through video uses a continuous shot technique giving the illusion that the camera could be from a first person perspective. This fits with what you would typically associate with a walkthrough video whilst adding a little more wow factor, as these type of shots are rarely used in professional video production. Using elDRAW’s camera stabiliser gimbal system, plus slow motion video capture we were able to give the illusion of a single shot whilst elapsing time during a CrossFit session. This enabled us to show the facilities of the Crossfit gym & the class format – the result is spot on.

ShireFit CrossFit Gym ‘About us’ Video

As a key element of the new website, we shot an ‘about us’ video to quickly explain and engage new potential ShireFit members. The video shows the facilities, introduces the core DNA of ShireFit, and most importantly give you a clear sense of the community ‘family’ vibe that is hugely important to CrossFit East Northant’s success. The video is structured using interviews from staff and key gym members.

ShireFit CrossFit Gym ‘Meet the team’ Videos

These ‘meet the team videos’ where largely led by Jack’s initial concept, having spotted something similar online. He wanted something short & fun, whilst introducing the staffs personalities and fitness background too. The quick fire questions style, followed by the background story works exceptionally well, and is matched with quality supporting footage showing each staff member at work.

Video Production Breakdown:

Filming – 1 full day with gimbal operator
Filmed on locations in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
3-4 days post production
Bespoke logo animation
Royalty free music track
Delivery of files in mp4 format
Creation of SEO Optimised Youtube Channel