Clive Dodson Thatched Roofer

Business Introduction, Testimonial

Clive Dodson is a traditional thatcher trading in Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas. Clive is the third generation of thatchers to run the family roofing business. As a highly respected company Clive knew that he could arrange for some of his past clients to give testimonials – The result was outstanding resulting in some of the best testimonials we have ever recorded. As Clive was less confident to speak on camera we kept his introduction to a minimal, but thought it was still important that he represented his firm on film.

After a careful edit and sculpting of the interview recordings we were successful in covering all aspects of the business offerings, with the imperative reassurance of workmanship quality voiced by the happy clients.

The client approved the ‘proof’ with zero alterations and the project was signed off and optimised to a custom Youtube channel ready for marketing online.

Video Production Breakdown:

Filming – 1 full day with 2 camera operatives
Filmed on multiple locations in Cambridgeshire
3 days post production
Royalty free music track
Delivery of files in mp4 format
Creation of Optimised Youtube Channel


Additional Client Testimonial videos

Clive Dodson gained some outstanding comments from the two clients our video production team interviewed. As with all editing it’s not often that we can use every single response, this means that often there is excess material that should be seen! We suggested that Clive created 2 full length versions of the testimonials which would allow us to use all the great content, and allowed Clive to gain 3 searchable videos from a single days filming. That’s economy right there…

Watch the extended testimonial videos below.