How To's

Tips for using video on exhibition stands.

Exhibitions are a tried and tested method of promoting your business to a select audience. However it is a competitive world out there, and in many cases there will be more than one company offering the same or similar service as you. So how can you make your business stand out and attract potential customers for longer, engage them in conversation and if possible seal a deal? One idea – use video on your exhibition stand. There’s a few ways to do this too…

Video can work for all manner of businesses whether you’re selling a service or a product. It could also be used as a simple decoration.

Why use video on your exhibition stand?

Video is a great way of catching peoples attention
Video can explain a product or service that may not be possible face to face
Use video as a sales tool, a conversation starter or as a demonstration
Video lets people see your product/s in a real world environment, or explain how it’s built or used.
Video can bring even the smallest stand alive
Video can keep people on your stand for longer – It can reduce lost opportunities if your sales team are busy with other visitors
Video content can be used time after time, and via other platforms such as websites and email marketing.

How to display video on your exhibition stand?

TV screens – By far the cheapest and easiest method for those on a budget
Digital display screens – These are purpose built screens designed for displaying content 24/7 in all environments.
Video walls – These are large walls made up of several screens to create one large video, or divided up for multiple messages – these can be rented!
iPads & Tablets – Each sales member should have a video as a sales tool on their tablet computer
Video Brochures – For those big ticket items, or a strong lead, video brochures can be taken away and are unlikely to ever be thrown away.

Tips for successful exhibition videos

Keep videos short and informative – People won’t stand for minutes
Make sure they are engaging – movement, strong visuals are key
Don’t use sound – unless you have a specific booth, or area with headphones
Do use graphics & text
Use multiple videos on a loop (if possible)
Match any video branding with your stand design

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