How To's

New Youtube Optimisation Tool – Youtube Cards

The end of March 2015 saw yet another improvement to Youtube’s optimisation abilities. Mainly offering web & mobile friendly links called ‘cards’. These subtle cards animate out at set intervals during your video allowing users to do one of the following actions:

  • Link to your associated website
  • Link to a supported fund-raising page (kickstarter, Crowdrise etc)
  • Link to merchandise pages
  • Links to other videos & playlists

Cards can be accessed at any point during the videos by clicking the ‘I’ logo that remains in the top right corner of the screen. This will open up an overlay with your chosen information.

What’s the difference between Youtube Annotations & Cards?

You may be thinking that ‘Cards’ seem to do the exact same job as the ‘Annotation’ feature that’s been around for years! In the most case this is very true, however annotations are not mobile friendly -half of all Youtube views come from mobile devices. We suggest using the cards feature in all future videos, rather than annotations which are likely to be faded out over the coming year.

Tips for using Youtube cards.

  • Make sure that you do not over use the cards feature, you do not want to distract away from the videos message.
  • Adding a card to visit your website is probably the most powerful card you can use for business, so use it on all your videos.
  • Link to other relevant videos, this could be handy if you are producing a series of blogs or related content.