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How to get more Youtube views

A quandary many video users face is ‘how to get more YouTube views’. Clearly the more your video is seen, the more likely it is going to convert to an inquiry, or generate comments & shares. Whether you are using YouTube for business or personal use the principal is the same.

Higher YouTube view counts = success?

When browsing YouTube I personally always take note of the view counts when choosing what to watch. I feel if the video has minimal views it’s probably for a reason. Truthfully this is probably not the way to look at things, however many people will do the same.

There are ways to boost your views with paid advertising, if you feel this is important. Think of it as a kick start rather than a solution.

Note: Videos embedded on websites do not display a view count, so that’s one positive.

How to get more YouTube views…
Here are my top things to consider…

Video Titles

Your title should be something a user is likely to search for, or specific keywords, rather than a generic title like “Company Promotional Video”

Example: if you are a ‘computer repairs company in Northampton’ then that would be a great title. You could also ad your company name OR leave that for the description.

Tip: Questions make brilliant titles too, that’s why ‘how to’ videos are great for brand awareness.

Video Description

The description should contain the same keywords as your title. The description word count is unlimited, so make sure you explain exactly what the video is about, and add in keywords within your sentences. Don’t forget your contact information and web address.

Thumbnail images

Many people don’t take advantage of the custom Thumbnail feature. The image needs to attract attention and encourage people to click it. Try not to be deceptive though!

Share, share, share…

Use ALL your social media accounts to share the link, use email lists and even text messages. Making alliances on social media will help, as you ideally need your followers to re-share your content for that ‘viral’ effect.