How To's

How to get better quality video using a mobile phone or tablet

We know that its unrealistic to expect every video post to be of a professional standard. with mobile phone cameras getting better every year its possible to keep spontaneous videos looking semi-pro whilst still on a lower budget. Here’s a list of things that you should be doing to raise the standard of any self shot videos..

Tip 1 & my biggest pet hate – Hold your phone the right way round!
NEVER NEVER shoot video vertically, vertical video screams amateur, and was mainly introduced annoyingly by Apple with their iPhone.. Vertically shot video throws off many video sites such as Youtube who can’t display it! All they will do is place black space either side of your footage (or crop it) to get it back to the right dimensions. It’s only Facebook that seems to be able to handle some vertical content, however that’s no excuse.

Good lighting is essential for a good video. Never shoot into the sun, or you will just get a talking silhouette. On the iPhone and many other good mobile phones you can tap your finger on the subjects face not only to focus but also to expose correctly. Finding a well lit, neutral space should illuminate any troubles.

Good audio is sometimes more essential than the visuals. Investing in a mic that plugs into your phone can make a huge difference. The Microphone company Rode make a few mobile microphone solutions, including a phone friendly lapel or tie mic, and now an external mic which will clip onto the top of your phone for improved audio. As always ensure you are recording in a quite room, with the camera pointing away from any noisier areas.

Finally, stability…

Holding your phone still is extremely important, invest in a lightweight tripod mount, Gorillapod, or if you are going hand held there are a few hand grip accessories available on the market. If you are going truly hand held, use ur body as a natural brace, using ur elbows as further contact points to help keep a rigid shot.