Different Industries That Should Use Video

If the services that you offer are reasonably straightforward or people in your area already know your brand, video production can seem like a waste of valuable resources. However, we know that there are some really compelling reasons for you to make use of video for your company. One of the biggest is the fact that online video will only progress over time. According to various statistics, almost 90% of website traffic will come from online video in the future; in fact, it is predicted that online video will be a lot more popular than social networking in just 3 years.

So, The Different Industries…

Below are just a few of the industries who could benefit from video production


Due to the fact that investing, financial planning and banking have all gone straight digital, it can be very easy for customers to feel as though they have absolutely no idea what is actually happening to their money once they hand it to you. Also, with financial planning and investment software having the ability to take care of their funds automatically, your clients will appreciate (maybe even demand) content that will let them learn more about who you are and what you’re doing with their money. With online video having the capability to tell meaningful stories, you can help your brand to build an emotional connection with your customers, which leads to clients placing their trust in your business.

Real Estate

Online real estate has significantly changed the way people shop for premises all over the world. Rather than checking listings and physically walking through every home with a “for sale” sign, people who are looking to buy can screen homes from their computer screen. This means that various real estate agents have had to move their business online, and video is a very powerful way to help them. Real estate agencies have a wide array of video options at their disposal; they can film virtual tours of their homes, communities and subdivisions, provide interviews with current residents explaining how great the home and area is, and even upload agent profile videos. This all helps to educate homebuyers on the concepts surrounding the housing market, such as subprime mortgages, foreclosure and depreciation.

All of the possibilities are aimed at one thing, providing your potential customers with content that will educate them and give them a fuller understanding of the real estate industry.


The medical industry is filled with possibilities for online video, as patients demand greater transparency and education from doctors and other medical professionals. Hospitals and institutions could use video for continuing education or explaining benefits to their personnel. Moreover, they could make a full suite of videos with the general public in mind, both to market specific healthcare institutions; patient testimonials or in-network doctor bios, as well as providing education on the different medical procedures and conditions. There’s even an amazing opportunity for the healthcare industry to provide instruction videos for patients, such as how to prepare for a procedure and pharmaceutical directions.

Many different businesses can benefit from video production, as well as the industries mentioned above.


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