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How to upload custom thumbnails to your online videos? part 1of2

Video thumbnails on Youtube and other video hosting platform are being under-utilised by many user. Here at elDRAW we know that the correct use of thumbnails for your videos can have a dramatic effect on your view rates and increase the likelihood of people clicking through to your other video content..

So how do you upload custom thumbnails on Youtube?

If your youtube channel is still in its default setup the chances are that the ‘upload custom thumbnail’ option is not available,
To unlock this, go to the creator studio, click the channel tab and choose status and features. You will then see a button saying verify, simply add a phone number to receive your verification code either my text message or automated phone call. This should only take a couple of seconds to come through.

Once your account is verified head back to your chosen video upload, and you will now see a button in the thumbnail section saying ‘custom thumbnail’. This will allow you to upload any image you like, but of course this should not be misleading and should represent the content within your video. Remember this could include text and even a logo in order to keep consistency throughout your videos.

In our next Vlog #8 we will discuss how to choose and create great thumbnails ready for youtube!