Your business is never too small (or not ready) for video marketing. 

There’s a common misconception by small businesses or companies that feel they have non photogenic premises that they can’t use video marketing – they have nothing to show and maybe feel their topic is all a bit boring to others. This is not true at all and moreover video is something you now can’t afford to underestimate the importance of. If you have customers then you shouldn’t be worrying that it’s boring either, people need your services otherwise you’d be in bed right now!

Why ANY business can use video marketing

The diversity of video means there is always a solution no matter how small or how dull your business may appear. You have the options of both animation video and real world filmed video. Animation is great in situations where you really don’t have a lot to show but you have a great message to get across. When it comes to filmed footage it’s also surprising what the camera can hide when necessary, here at elDRAW we’ve carried out many a project where some careful framing and editing has hidden a multitude of sins. In the event that you work from home but don’t want people to know this, then flip the script and approach it differently – film your clients and get amazing video testimonials that do the work for you. We’ve always believed testimonials to be one of the most powerful forms of video marketing.

Be tactical with budgets – Spend in the right places

Budget is of course a concern to any client. Video production can be expensive especially if you’re enquiring with the wrong sort of agency. The truth is not every video costs a lot, if you don’t require something suitable for your local Odeon then you can produce stacks of video content in just ones days filming. Filming in bulk is a great way to save money whilst receiving the additional benefits of having video content to share on going – great for blog topics and quick Q&A’s. Finally, not every company charges the same rates, but also remember not every company produces the same standard of work either – it’s a balance. Check their previous work and go from there. Here at elDRAW we are a small in-house team and can be hired as a single Videographer, through to a full production crew.

If you are already spending (and in some cases wasting) marketing funds on business directories, print adverts, social media management and website SEO, then video marketing should be top of your priority right now. Check out these statistics for more confirmation.

It’s more than a pretty picture

elDRAW’s key message right now is that video is no longer a fancy extra, it’s necessary for every marketing campaign in modern times – don’t get left behind.

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