Will you pay for Youtube Red? An advert Free Youtube & Spotify Rival.

The latest news in the world of online video! Youtube has just announced ‘Youtube Red’, a subscription based advert free youtube experience, with the benefit of offline playback of your chosen content, including music, making this a direct swipe at Spotify and other music streaming services. For now this will be only available in the USA, however you can bet on it reaching the UK very shortly after! Youtube expert Derral Eves vlog gives a lot of information on this new platform so we suggest you watch it!

A break down of what ‘Youtube Red’ is set to offer

When will Youtube Red be available? – October 28th 2015
Cost – $9.99 (£6.50)
Works via an app on mobile & presumably desktop app stores?
Offline video and music playback to rival Spotify, Apple music & Netflix (ish)
Advert free videos!
Downloadable content
Exclusive video content only on ‘Red’ – The most popular channels could well cash in on this, bringing their fan bases to ‘red’
Stay tuned for more information as it is released, including when it may (or may not) reach the UK!

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