What is content marketing?

Deep down the concept isn’t new at all, but in recent times the phrase ‘content marketing’ is certainly raising its head. Content marketing is exactly what it says on the tin. Marketing your business via the distribution of content or media, mostly over the internet.

So the real question is; what is content? In this context, content can be any form of media whether this be text in the form of blogs or written articles, photographs or importantly video content. Video content is king right now and can take a number of forms – Whether it’s informative videos about what you do as a business or service provider, short testimonials from clients, product demonstrations, or regular video blogs on YouTube discussing topics of interest. Video is arguably the most successfully engaging way to reach new audiences and should be a large part of any content marketing strategy… but how’s it done?


What makes for successful content marketing ?

Firstly, your content should NOT be made up of constant sales pitches, or at least not obviously! Content marketing works on the basis of educating your audience, giving away knowledge or information, and generally staying in the back of your prospective clients mind by simply being active online via social media, website updates, email campaigns, press releases etc etc…

The next time your audience require the service you offer, who are the going to think of first? Secondly, if their friend asks them if they know anyone, who are they going to recommend?! (Penny drops)


Why use content marketing?

Content marketing plays a huge part in SEO (search engine optimisation), which basically means how easily your website and company details appear on search engines like Google. Again this is imperative to getting found by your ideal client right when they need you!

Content marketing should be a large part of your marketing strategy, and therefore it’s important to allocate a sensible budget to achieve this. Remember this is a monthly marketing expense not a one off.

Tips for creating & posting marketing content online.

It’s important that you make a plan several months in advance, otherwise it just doesn’t get done…trust us we know!

Once you have your content created (ideally by a professional, especially the visual stuff) you can automatically schedule your content to be posted online. If you don’t have time to manage this yourself then seek help by a pro – After all, your time is best spent doing what YOU do best.

When content marketing it’s important to represent yourself professionally, remember the content you’re putting out is a reflection of your company and your professionalism. If you don’t provide a shabby service, then don’t do a shabby job on your content marketing. Simple as that!

Here at elDRAW we are media content providers with an emphasis on Video Production. We also offer photography and general marketing advice too – as experts in our field we know everyone you need to know to start a successful content marketing campaign today. If you’d like a chat, contact us.