Video meets Print – Digital print brochures for Business

So I’ve just received a sales email from a supplier of video brochures, which inspired me to write this post…to many this could be a really unique way to differentiate your business marketing from the rest.

We all know video works great online! Why shouldn’t it work offline?

Using Video marketing offline with Print

Ever seen a video brochure? Personally I’ve only ever seen one… watch the sales video I received from Talking Print (no association, we just make videos)

Talking Print – Bringing print to life with sound and vision! from Talking Print on Vimeo.

 How video brochures could win you that BIG sale?

Firstly I say BIG sale because these are not flyers costing you 2 pence each, in fact these brochures can be £30+ each!  However… these are not designed as throw away marketing.

Imagine – If this landed on the desk alongside a big tender document, or to a large supplier or distributor worth many thousands of pounds, then think about it… is that person going to throw it away…probably not! It’s more likely it will sit on their desk for a long time, and they probably will show everyone else in the office – after all it’s a neat idea that most people have never seen before.

Combine video brochures with a powerful professional video message then you’re now massively differentiated from the rest.

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