Video Editing Techniques: Motion Tracking Graphics

Motion tracking is a technique used within the video production industry, including everything from blockbuster movies to high-end corporate videos.  There are many applications for motion tracking from adding computer generated objects within a scene, blurring out somebody’s face, to superimposing explosions! (that’s not something we get asked to do that much here at elDRAW – sounds fun though!).

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How we use motion tracked text within a video.

For the video production services we provide here at elDRAW, we utilise motion tracking for the purpose of adding information, such as text or logos and anchoring it to something within the scene.

For example: If you had a scene with a person holding a pen, we would use specialist software to track the movement of the pen and assign a graphic to it. When the person moves the pen around the text would follow it. This effect makes the graphics seem like part of the scene and as a result can be much less imposing than text box overlays, as well as looking rather cool.

Watch an example of tracked graphics. Note how the text moves with the boot.

Could tracked graphics work for your company video?

Used effectively, normal text graphics are a very good way of conveying information, but something with a little extra creativity may just wow potential clients. A little extra interest to your video can help keep your audience watching for longer.

Tracked graphics work especially well for industries that require lots of technical information to be relayed, such as engineering or technology based companies. Product videos also benefit well from this too. Coupled with powerful visuals, incorporating tracked graphics can help make sure the message is received loud and clear and can also help those listening without sound.

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