Video content for shops & retail – is video taking over in 2016?

Yesterday I took a social trip to London, visiting Selfridges and various shops on Oxford street. I was blown away by the sheer volume of video content being used by the retail shops. I saw huge LED displays dotted all around the stores, displaying both the typical sales messages & photos, but interestingly now also heavily utilising video footage. This was not slide shows of images, but well shot desirable video content.

Some of the stores included premium make-up brands, designer handbag stores, the high street UK favourite – Primark, and even a Cafe displaying bubbling drinks and cookies on their exterior video wall as well as behind the counter – McDonalds and Burger King also use video to tickle your taste buds.

With London being the capital and at the forefront of trends and technology, this must be a clear indication that video within retail is set to blow up, no doubt firstly by the larger chains, but shortly followed by the smaller names and independent stores. Video does not need to be expensive, and the visual impact on the buyer can have a huge impact – potentially driving profits and a return on investment

‘Use video to not only inspire customers to enter your store, but also to buy more’

Written by Chris M Wardle – Videographer & Director of elDRAW Creative Media Ltd.