Using video to close a sales deal

We regularly say that ‘video is one of the most cost effective marketing tools you can invest in’. The reason we can confidently say this, is due to the number of applications video can be used for, whether it’s on the web, or offline in front of an audience. See our blog 8 places to use video for business marketing.

Have you ever considered using video as a face to face sales tool?

If you run the kind of business that involves face to face meetings to close deals, whether this be in a formal meeting, presentation or in the middle of a construction site, then video is an extremely powerful tool you may have not considered? Maybe you own a video but haven’t thought about using it?

Ipad sales video

Videos can reinforce your sales message in all manor of ways. Whether you are showing an introductory video to introduce your company, or showing video case studies or testimonials from happy clients. The power of this media should not be over looked – It’s a great way to stand out from your competitors as well as ensuring you don’t forget anything important when pitching. If your main sales messages are incorporated within the video then half of the work is done for you. Show off your other team members, as well as the breadth of services your business can offer – Don’t leave this to their imagination.

The most important thing to ensure a successful video production of any kind, is planning. If you would like to discuss how elDRAW feel video could work best within your company, then why not arrange a one to one with our team… your kettle or ours? Contact us