Using Instagram Video for Business

Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social media platforms with over 300 Million monthly users (Oct ’14). Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform that allows you to add a text caption, tag users, and add search-ability via hashtags. Instagram included the ability to upload 15 second (maximum) videos to your account. A good thing not only for personal users, but businesses too…

Does Instagram work for business promotion?

Using Instagram for business can be hit or miss. It really depends what your business is about… if you trade business to business (B2B) then Instagram probably isn’t for you.

However Business to Consumer (B2C) companies have a good opportunity to market towards individual users on Instagram. Those who will have the best luck are companies with products or services that fit in with the various Instagram communities (or interest groups).

For instance some popular communities amongst Instagrammers are

Health & Fitness
Hobbies & Interests

…to name just a few.

If your product or service relates to any popular category on Instagram, you have the possibility to grow a large following.

Using video on Instagram, things to consider.

If you already have existing product videos, or you are creating a video specifically for Instagram, remember you only have 15 seconds to play with.
The video can have sound, although not all users will have sound enabled.
You can upload professional videos to Instagram, as well as record your own via the app which even allows basic editing.
Mobile phones do not have the best cameras, light and camera stability is important. You should consider uploading your videos from an external device or professional recording.
Always add relevant and popular hashtags to your uploads, but don’t use too many as Instagram has spam filters.