Tips for filming your own vlogs (video blogs)

The Trend to Vlog which is short code for ‘video blogging’ is extremely popular right now, spanning many online communities. Whether it’s personal or for business, creating your own Vlog (video blog) channel could be a great way to grow your online following and be seen as an expert in your field.

With Facebook live now a key tool, streaming your Vlog live is a great way to gain a bigger audience due to the current notification feature letting everyone know you are ‘live’.

Filming Vlog iPhone

What makes you a good video blogger

Firstly confidence and personality is key. Of course we all have to start somewhere and after a few attempts most people will find themselves more relaxed in front of the camera.

Secondly you should have something to offer, whether this be advice on various topics, or your day to day activities are of interest to others…we’re not talking about filming your trip to the local corner shop, but in most cases it should be work or hobby related.

Common Vlogging topics on YouTube include health and fitness, automotive, hair and beauty and many ‘how to’ channels relating to various skill sets.

In short, there shouldn’t be too many industries where you won’t find an audience, the main thing is deciding whether the investment in time is likely to pay off for you – don’t underestimate the power of YouTube as there’s several YouTube made millionaires all under the age of 30!

Filming with Small Camera

What equipment do you need to Vlog (video blog)

Let’s go over a couple of setups. Vlogging is a balance between what’s practical, and what gives a professional look and sound.

iPhone FilmingMinimum setup: we all own a smart phone, with the latest models being reasonably acceptable in the video department. You can read our blog on getting better video from a mobile phone here.


Canon G7x 2Typical setup :
typically bloggers invest in a small entry or mid-level camera with an on top microphone -normally a mirror-less or compact camera, some more experienced users choose DSLR cameras although this isn’t great for self filmed Vlogs due to focusing issues. The most important requirement is that the camera must have a flip out screen so you can see yourself when self filming, and be good at auto focusing. Be sure to buy a budget video tripod too, or a handheld gimbal system (if budget allows).


Rode Video Mic GOSound setup: Sound should come from an external shotgun microphone, or wired lavalier mic (tie mic). In most cases the built in microphones will only pic up poor sound, especially in noisier environments. If you are sat in a quiet place then the on board mic may do for now!


Budget LightingLighting: If you are filming out in public you may not be able to use lighting. If you do it should be a small clip on light – of which there are many options on eBay. If you are filming indoors in a regular setup then you should 100% invest in a set of budget continuous lights, again these can be found for a few hundred pounds on eBay (check the reviews first!).


For those companies that see the benefit from video blogging but wish to leave the filming to the experts, then filming videos in bulk maybe the answer. Filming a large amount of topics/content over a day or two can result in enough videos to last you several weeks or even months – whist being highly economic price wise – we work with a variety of clients who do just this. To discuss your options why not contact our creative team at elDRAW.