The benefits of using videos for staff training?

The versatility of video is well known, there’s not many applications where video couldn’t be utilised in one way or another – Training staff or even customers using video content is beneficial in a number of ways…

Save money by investing in training videos.

Time costs money, and training staff can be a costly task especially in a high staff turnover business’. Implementing video training courses ensures a correct and precise message is passed on every time, whilst allowing the trainees to recap time after time. If your business requires face to face training then video is still a powerful way to show examples of say; poor customer services vs good, or how to react in emergency situations. We’ve all been watching airline safety messages for years now, why not at work?

A lot of people are visual learners

Training staff using video content can often be more effective than powerpoint presentations or white board tuition, especially for those who are visual learners. In my opinion this applies more and more to the younger generation and the worlds future work force.

Train your customers with video?

If you sell a product or specific service, it may also be beneficial to offer how-to videos, instructional videos or FAQ’s. in the long term this can help reduce in-bound telephone calls, complaints and the associated costs that come along with it.

How long does it take to shoot a training video?

Depending on the complexity it’s often possible to film a large amount of training material all in one shoot day. This can then generate a catalogue of short video content in one go. It’s cost effective for you, and time efficient for us. If you’d like to explore the possibilities of filming training videos with us – please get in touch.

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