Reading is DEAD – The next generation of consumers

Is reading dead? It’s a controversial one, but like it or not I feel the next generation of consumers (that’s those who are in school right now) will be so reliant on technology and online content that reading will be a thing of the past – of course there will be exceptions such as reading during school education, but in general I feel within day to day life the times of reading reviews, reading books and writing letters are diminishing. Teen’s and children alike are hooked to screens and technology – something even I perceive as a problem, particularly from a physical & mental health perspective …but that’s a whole other topic!

The next generation will not learn, or make purchase decision via reading

Although I enjoy writing, I’m slightly embarrassed to say that as a 90’s baby myself (1990) I’ve barely ever read a whole book cover to cover – I just don’t learn that way, the look of a book just disengages me – I remember choosing tape audio books over paper books from a very early age. To this day if I want to learn something I’ll either do that via asking questions to others, trial and error or watching video tutorials online – I’m a visual learner. For the generation below me this must surly speak for the majority.

Move with the times…

The message behind this story is of course business related… as a videographer & content creator I know that businesses and brands alike need to recognise this change in consumer habits and look towards the future, and of course the present. The past couple of years has seen a huge bias towards video content both on & offline, and this is only going to increase year on year.

All generations are adapting to this with many grandparents now owning an iPad or similar. Those looking to make product purchases are turning to video reviews for reassurance, wether this be a new car or a new brand of makeup, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve noticed myself that consumer expectations are on the up, with the YouTube Vlogging community actively commenting on the increase in production values, as content creators invest more time into their video quality. It’s interesting to watch and for myself very exciting.

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Written by Chris Wardle – Director