Our Gimbal Stabilising camera rig – Let’s get Creative!

Here at elDRAW we have recently invested in a motorised gimbal stabilising system. For those that don’t know a gimbal is a pivoted support that allows the rotation of an object about a single axis. Basically it’s a device that allows completely smooth free movement of the camera without dizzying camera shake… you can run, jump or even perform 360 degree movement around a subject! It’s great!

What can a gimbal stabiliser do for your video?

In recent years the introduction of motorised gimbal stabilising systems has allowed professionals to achieve very cinematic shots that would normally need the use of dolly tracks or weighted counterbalanced camera rigs. It’s now possible for lower budget productions to take advantage of this technology. Walking and talking shots, subject tracking, one shot scenes and film like movements are all possible, creating fantastic opportunities for your company to portray a big brand image without the Hollywood budget.

This investment brings us a whole world of opportunities, as our team at elDRAW can now be even more creative during concept creation, to give your video the edge! There’s only so much we can write about but the proof is in the footage, the video above is a great example of how a gimbal system can bring your video to life.

Let’s get cinematic with your project?

If you’re interested in giving your video the cinematic edge, or just want something with that wow factor, then talk to one of our team on 01832 730606 or fill in our contact form and we will get in touch!