NEW Youtube feature! Interactive Video ‘End Screen’

Recently Youtube has upped its game yet again, added even more backend ‘behind the scenes’ features that you may not be aware of. No doubt this is due to ever increasing competition from the likes of Facebook as well as the growing trend to consume video via smart phones and tablets computers.

This latest feature is a fully mobile friendly ‘End Screen’. Watch this informative video by Youtube guru Darrel Eves to find out more about this cool new feature you should be using.

What is Youtube End Screen + its advantages

As the name suggests, the ‘end screen’ feature allows you to add clickable links, images & more to the end of your Youtube video. These links can be set to appear at a specific time towards the end of your video prompting the view to take further action… this has the potential to be used for a variety of things depending on your video’s purpose, whether this be business related, or educational.

Summary of what Youtube End Screen can be used for:

  • Link to your website
  • Link to a fund raising page
  • Link to other videos or playlists
  • Subscribe to youtube channels
  • Link to purchase products
  • Link to a Contact us page

The benefits of using End screen on youtube

Up until now, most of Youtube’s previous overlay features such as annotations have been brilliant on desktop web browsers, but they didn’t show up at all on mobile devices. Now with fully visible and more importantly clickable links, this new feature has a lot of potential.

The main benefits of Youtube’s End Screen feature is prompting audiences to watch further video content or link through to your website – which ever is more preferable for you personally. The more of your content that is consumed prompts Google and Youtube that this is valuable information and the video should rank higher and your following should grow.

Sales or business videos that link through to your website could be the beginning of a great sales funnel, which fingers crossed could lead to a sale.

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