NEW – Vertical Video Ads on Facebook Mobile

Facebook has just launched a brand new feature to their sponsored post feature. 

Facebook states “Mobile is where people watch video now. It’s frequent, fast—and accounts for more than half of all video views”

With this in mind, Facebooks new advert format takes full advantage of Smart phone dimensions – video adverts can now be displayed in vertical (portrait) orientation in line with how we naturally hold our mobile devices. This results in the adverts taking up the majority of the news feed space when scrolling past, with the ads playing 100% full screen once clicked. The obvious benefit of this is less distractions from other posts, and a more natural and Immersive viewing experience.


As Facebook also owns Instagram, you can now place similar adverts within Instagram’s my story feature – another recent release which claims to have over 200 million regular users! Both of these new ad platforms are worth exploring when promoting your video content online, especially when it comes to targeting mobile user. 

You can find out more about this cool new feature by visiting Facebooks ad page here. If you’d like to discuss how elDRAW can create specific video content (or adjust existing footage) in the correct portrait dimensions for mobile ads please get in touch

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Written by Chris Wardle – Director & Lead Videography of elDRAW Creative Media Ltd