How much is a corporate video?

“How much do you charge to film a corporate video” … a question we get a lot. Of course no video is the same, which is why we don’t normally advertise videos by price. The real question is ‘what do you need to get from your video’, and how much time is that likely to take us to produce, not only in filming time, but editing. After several years in the industry we can normally give a good estimate of cost from a simple conversation, as we simply estimate how many days the shoot is likely to take us, based on past experience.

How much to budget on average?

Our costs are very reasonable, especially in comparison with London studios producing a similar standard of work. elDRAW videos produced for web generally range from £1500-2500 for a shoot on location. Simple in-studio shoots can be less, and savings can be made by planning multiple content, filmed on the same day. If you have an ideal budget we can guide you on what will work best, we also have payment options for larger projects.