How long should a business promotional video be?

Video length is a very important factor when producing any video, whether it be a business video for your website, a testimonial video or even a YouTube advert.

A videos length is very important, users attention span is getting shorter and shorter so it’s important to get across as much information as possible in a short time. The application of the video will determine how much time you’re likely to hold someone’s attention…

For example a product demonstration or how to video is likely to hold someone’s attention much longer than a business introduction video. If someone is truly interested and or learning from your video they should be prepared to watch for longer. Similarly if you have built up a fan base or following (YouTube fans for example) then you should be able to increase the lengths of your content. It really does depend on your subject matter.

Short films, documentaries and tutorials have less need to be time conscious, however you should always aim to get the messages over as quickly as possible.

So what is the perfect video duration?

Well at elDRAW we aim for 2-3 minutes for an average promotional video for web use. We rarely will produce anything much longer than 3 minutes unless it’s instructional. With any video it’s key to grabs someone’s attention in the first 10-20 seconds so planning here is key.

For YouTube/Facebook adverts or social media clips videos should be as short as 30-90 seconds, especially if it’s purely a sales message.