Getting The Most Out Of Your Videos On Facebook

If you’re using a FaceBook business page to communicate with your target groups, video posts outperform all other types of post by a long, long shot.  You might have noticed that posts containing video also auto-play as you scroll down your wall. So how do you exploit all of the benefits of video on Facebook, and how do you optimise your videos to achieve the highest levels of reach and impact?

> Let’s start with your video – Because videos auto-play on Facebook, and silently on your wall until you click on them, your video needs to grab attention. To counteract the initial silence, add some punchy captions to your video, such as a ‘benefit’ and then a ‘call-to-action’ within the first few seconds. This is done by creating and uploading an ‘.srt’ file which can be made using most simple text editors. Once uploaded, it generates the video’s subtitles.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.45.03

> To ensure your video plays along with other relevant videos and that it gets found through relevant FaceBook searches, your video need to be ‘optimised’. In other words, made as relevant as possible. A punchy title is imperative and then you need to add video tags. Include everything you imagine your target market might search for and be interested in. You could even use a rival brands phrases to align yourself with your competition.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.45.21

> Consider sponsoring a video. For as little as circa 1 penny per play, you can target your videos towards very specific segments of Facebook users. Let’s face it, we’re all on FaceBook and most of us have added rather detailed personal information to our profiles, thus enabling FaceBook to target us precisely with advertising, including video!

But first things first! To discuss your video for web, including Facebook, speak to the elDRAW Creative Media team now. We’re brimming with ideas on how to get the very best out of FaceBook and YouTube, producing videos that capture attention, generate interest and leverage conversions. Click here to get in touch!