Enhance your website with video web banners.

Video web banners are a great way to bring your web page to life, and with internet speeds ever increasing, embedding video files is not really a concern. When it comes to web banners the file sizes are compressed and converted to appropriate formats to work with your web builder. For example as a flash file,  GIF or as a simple mp4. Some website themes allow direct stream from youtube or vimeo. If the video does fail to load, it’s normally substituted with a traditional still images. Check with your web designer if you’re unsure.

Web banners are starting to appear all over the web, including use from popular brands such as Paypal, Rode, Philips, G-Star, and various car manufacturers. Check out this cool example from Philips ( unfortunately not filmed by us, but we’re waiting for the call 😛 )

How video web banner production differs from a ‘normal’ website video

Pace & cuts – Normally a website video edit can be quite complex, with lots of fast paced cuts to keep viewers engaged- 9 times out of 10 they also include some kind of spoken audio or interview. Video web banners should follow a slightly different structure to this. In most cases the number of cuts will be a lot less. Many of the most effect banners are simply one single shot, more like a moving photographic image. It really does depend on the subject matter.

Length – With most website videos being on average 90 seconds upto 3 mins in duration,  a web banner should only be around 10-30seconds with little to no audio!

Framing – This should follow a similar principal to a photographic image – usually images are framed in a way that allows text to be legible when placed over it, for example the subject may be off to one side, or consist of a fairly uncomplicated layouts with lots of blank space. Of course if no text will be overlaid then this is less of an issue.

Go Slow mo? – Slow motion is another lovely way of adding in motion to your website without it being too distracting or over powering.

Branding – This applies to all video. Making sure your video footage ties in with the rest of your photos and branding is key to your website ‘looking the part’!

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