Don’t Brexit your marketing budget

So things in the UK are still uncertain after ‘Brexit’ and many companies may be tightening up the purse strings just in case things really get tough.

When running a business, one of the first things you may consider cutting back on is marketing. But think about it… What keeps you in business? Is it word of mouth? Maybe a percentage of it yes… The rest is likely to be driven from your advertising and online presence – what ever that consists of. Therefore it’s essential that your marketing budget is not dramatically cut.

Of course some online promotion can be ‘free’, such as social media and a handful of email marketing sites such as Mailchimp. However with all these sites getting more and more greedy we’re all being pushed towards promoting posts (paying for exposure) just to reach our audience. Not only that, without good content your posts will lake effectiveness in the first place.

Maybe, if anything, consider which marketing strategies really are working for you, and which you could hit the pause button on.

“Video can be the most cost effective form of marketing”

A statement which at first seems a bit far fetched – but actually after examining the sheer number of applications video can be applied to, then video marketing starts to make a lot of sense. Compare video to that one-off print ad costing you £500 or more, video begins to look like a complete bargain. The shelf life is years longer, the engagement is far far higher, and it can be used in as many platforms as you can think of.

So where should video marketing be used?

Well firstly your website and social media is a given… homepage, landing pages and testimonial pages can all drastically benefit from video.

Further to this, you can link to video via email footers, newsletters and even on print via QR codes (see my post on digital print brochures).

Exhibitions are another great place to display video content, plus a waiting room screen in your office. Suddenly this one platform is extremely versatile and therefore one of the most cost effective marketing tools you can invest in.

Making sure your video content is effective all comes down to good planning and structure. Make sure your message is clear, it’s engaging and is short and to the point. Could you involve customer testimonials to really empower your message? Chat to one of the elDRAW team to see how we feel video could work in your business – you’ll catch us on 01832 730606

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