Creating a Brand Image: Video, Photography & Graphics

If you’re serious about growing a brand image, it’s important that you create some brand guidelines and a visual style to use throughout all of your on-going content. Here’s a few things you should be considering…

Brand colours & tones

Colour association with brands has been an important element since forever. This may not just be a single colour, but can be a collection of colours or various shades of a single colour.

For photographic images, using specific editing or image ‘filters’ can help bring continuity to your imagery. The current trend is to use slightly vintage or faded colour tones on images. This continuity is truly noticabe when using sites like Instagram where your images are displayed in a grid together.

For Video content, you can apply colour filters or ‘colour grading’ to achieve similar looks throughout your video footage too – keeping uniformity throughout your brand content.


Branding: Text, fonts and layout

Using a specific collection of fonts throughout your images, video content and graphic design is very important when it comes to branding. It’s an obvious one but keeping this uniformity can help with brand recognition and brand recall.

The ultimate goal for brand creation?

The best out come from using strong branding for a long period of time, is that consumers begin to recognise your adverts or content before they even see your logo. This is often the case during TV advertisements where a similar style has been used throughout a series of adverts, think McDonalds, John Lewis, Coca Cola, BooHoo .com, Nationwide etc… These similarities could be in the colours used, the style of the edit, or even the voice over. 

  • Quicker brand recognition can mean better advertisement ROI results.
  • Better branding uniformity can reflect professionalism, quality and trust.


If you’d like to discuss how Eldraw Creative Media can help you bring uniformity to your company branding through imagery, photos & video content please get in touch with our creative team. We work closely with Graphic designers & website developers too.

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