Budgeting for video content & its value to your business.

Video is often perceived as being expensive. However, when compared to other medias such as print design, events and paid advertisements, video can be of a very similar cost but have a much longer life span. Just think how much print is wasted once it’s become outdated, i’m sure you probably have a cupboard full of untouched literature. Video is adaptable and versatile – it’s much easier to update and continue using without having to start over each time. Clever planning should eliminate anything that could potentially outdate your video in the first place!

Make your marketing budget go further with optional payment plans.

Here at elDRAW, we are the only video company in Northamptonshire (that we’re aware of) to offer a monthly payment option, helping streamline cashflow. Many of us lease vehicles, rent office space, pay for monthly SEO services etc, why not do the same with video content. Whether it’s a large one off production, or regular scheduled content throughout the year, a monthly payment option could help you.

Regular content is ideal for seasonal businesses such as garden centres, retail, restaurants or company’s regularly launching new products or services. Not only that, Blog content, testimonials or informative videos about your business can apply to any sector.

What’s the value of video content to your business?

Think about it like this… say you’re commissioning a corporate video that is going to cost say £1750, what do you have to do (or sell) to see a return on your investment? What price do you put on its ability to drive people to your website, or its ability to convert people from a window shopper to a buyer?

In many cases when you break down all the areas where you can (or should be) using video, the cost is really quite small. Compare it to that one time print advertisement that cost you £800 and is now yesterdays chip paper, well it’s suddenly a bargain in comparison.

The industry you are in makes a huge difference to videos affordability. That’s why every elDRAW video starts with an honest conversation. Talk to one of our friendly creative team on 01832 730606.