BMW Films: The Escape – Selling cars using video

Vehicle manufacturers have been using videos to sell cars since forever. Whether it’s via TV commercials, product placement within movies, or creating their very own cinematic short films – The likes of BMW, Mercedes and even Ford are no strangers to using video for marketing purposes.

Some 15 years since the launch of the original ‘BMW Films’, October 2016 sees the return of a brand new mini-blockbuster called The Escape. Featuring the All-New 2017 BMW 5 series, and the revival of actor Clive Owen who plays ‘the driver’. No expense has been spared in the creation of this 13 minute short film, which sees some brilliant cinematography from the film makers, plus the destruction of many vehicles including a helicopter!

Watch BMW Films: The Escape

For those budding film makers & car enthusiasts alike, BMW Films has released a series of behind the scenes episodes too, explaining some of the techniques & stunts used to produce this film within just 7 Days.

BMW Films Behind the Scenes part 1

BMW Films Behind the Scenes part 2

Using films to promote your brand

Many brands including smaller businesses can benefit from creating short videos for marketing. Whether they are directly promoting a product benefit, or cleverly associating their product within an engaging short film. The team here at Eldraw feel that companies off all sizes should be thinking outside the box, and even collaborating with others to create videos with a potential to go viral & reach wider audiences. Shareable content is key! Congratulations to BMW Films for another brilliant production.

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