Battle of the Christmas Adverts – John Lewis, Argos, Aldi

Tis the season we’ve all been waiting for… the release of the John Lewis advert, amongst the various other Christmas themed ads from other leading retailers.

After many weeks of supposedly ‘leaked’ versions being posted online (non of which were the real deal), today we finally have a glimpse of the official John Lewis #mozthemonster campaign. As always this response is a mixed bag, with the new advert of course being compared to its predecessors. As with many of these ads, you often find them growing on you over time, so it may be a little early to make a final conclusion!

Below is a selection of the recent TV & online advert releases from the likes of John Lewis, Aldi & Argos. Of course there will be many more to come!

John Lewis Christmas Ad 2017 – Moz the Monster

A tale of a little boy with a not so little monster under his bed. Not very Christmassy at first glance! Luckily for all, Moz is a friendly & humerous monster, with the advert eventually turning Christmasy towards the end. The actual message behind the campaign isn’t the clearest, with many people commenting that they ‘don’t get it’… do you?

Aldi Christmas Ad 2017 – Kevin the Carrot is back!

Aldi brings the return of Kevin the Carrot, as seen in last years Christmas themed advert. This time Kevin finds himself on board an express train, where he finds himself falling in love with a female carrot (yes there is such a thing!)

With a hint of humour from a certain ‘pea’ reference, the short but sweet advert is one to look out for this Christmas. It may well be that there are a series of alternative versions realised during the festive period… only time will tell.

The Argos Christmas Ad 2017 – Ready for take off!

Argos takes a slightly more direct marketing approach with it’s christmas ad, with the key message being that they can deliver your gift orders from as little as 4 hours. A modern twist on the traditional Santa’s slay legend, Argos taken a more futuristic approach which sees the traditional Lapland toy workshop become more of a Thunderbirds /airport distribution hub hybrid. Not particularly Christmassy – as although it does feature some rather humanised looking Elf’s, there’s no sign of Santa or his Reindeer apart from a very subtle reference to Rudolph.

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We won’t wish you a Merry Christmas just yet!