Advertising with video – Google AdWords for Video

You may be familiar with the Google Adwords, or Pay per click (PPC) model. This allows businesses to pay to appear higher up in the Google rankings, setting specific keywords relevant to their business. If someone clicks their link on Google they are charged a small to modest fee. This fee is determined by how much your competitors are willing to pay, it’s a simple bidding system. Experts in PPC will advise the best and cheapest ways to find your audience.

A few years ago Google launched AdWords for Video. As the name suggests this is an advertising method specifically for video advertisements.

What are Google Video Adwords?

Video AdWords allows you to target specific audiences, ie. your target market or ideal customer. For example if you own a beauty salon in Northampton you will be able to target people who’s internet habits show interest in health and beauty. You can also target audiences by location by only targeting people within a certain radius. This precision gets your message to the people that are most likely to want your services.

Where are Video Adwords displayed?

The first place your ad may be shown is before popular Youtube videos. You may have seen these yourself… the adverts that usually play for 5 seconds before giving you an option to skip them. These adverts will have been target towards you in most cases. If the viewer chooses to skip the advert then you (as the advertiser) will not be charged. If they continue to watch past the skip period (for 30 seconds or to the end, which ever is less) you will be charged.

Other places your video may appear is within Youtube search results as a promoted video, and as a suggested video at the end or next to videos being watched.

Your advert will also be displayed throughout other websites that are part of the Google Display Network.

How much does it cost?

Like AdWords the costs are varied, however there is no minimum spend so many people choose to pay a small amount over a longer period to attract a modest audience. It’s the same principal as any advertisement method… the more you spend, the more exposure you should get.

We have experimented with this ourselves and found that a £0.03p per click to a target business audience generated us over 1200 views in just 4 days! Therefore just £36 dramatically improved the videos reach, and leaves you with a much more pleasing view count. Consider this…are viewers more likely to click a video with 100 views or 1000. It’s little money well spent.

How do I get Video AdWords?

It is possible to set this up yourself, simply search for Google Video AdWords. However we advise that you get some guidance from a marketing or web company who will make sure it is set up correctly and advise on the most effective methods. If you already have ‘normal’ Google adwords account then you’re ready to go!

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