8 places to use video for business marketing.

Where to use video for business marketing?

Most businesses are now fully aware of the advantages of using video production for marketing purposes. However it’s surprising how many people don’t quite get the most out of their investment in video. Below is a list of eight places where video can be successfully used for advertising.

8 places to use video for business marketing.

1) Website: although this is no doubt the most obvious answer – video can be used on a website affectively, and over multiple pages. Wether this be on your homepage to welcome visitors, on a testimonial pages to add credibility to your company, on a contact us to help that phone ring, or on your product or services pages.

2) Social Media: again a fairly obvious but under used platform. Social media is an extension of your website, with great possibilities especially when using paid or promoted posts. The biggest mistake I see people make is only sharing the video once – remember not everyone will see your posts the first time around, so recycling posts of any kind is well worth considering.

Vlog (video blog) style videos are great for regular content – You can potentially film these yourself if you have ‘the eye’, or reach out to professionals like ourselves who can pre-record a whole spectrum of content in one day. This can then either be edited as you go, or be delivered in one go ready for weekly or monthly scheduling.

3) Print: Many will assume that video and print can’t go together, when in fact there is a couple of ways to use your video via traditional print media. The first way is to include a link or QR code enticing readers to watch your video. These links should be directed to your own website, rather than youtube!

The second print method is video brochures – Printed brochures with an in build screen! See my post on these here

4) Email marketing: A popular form of direct marketing, adding a video thumbnail linked through to a landing page is a great way to increase click through rates, drive web traffic and of course the right video can play a large part in securing a sale!

5) Exhibition screens: If you exhibit as part of your marketing, then using video on your stand is a great way to improve your exhibition presence. As well as being displayed on large TV screens, your sales persons should also use video on their tablets as a face to face sales tool too.

If you have a waiting room in your office, then a video loop is a great way to introduce yourselves.

6) Face to face pitches: As mentioned above, any face to face sales meeting with a client can easily be enhanced by using video on an iPad or tablet computer. Share video case studies, demonstrate products or even introduce the company as a whole.

If you use telephone cold calling then directing the recipient to a video can dramatically improve your calls credibility.

7) Presentations: Many of us freak out when it comes to giving presentations in front of large audiences, wether this be prospective clients or at networking events. Using video is not only a great way to engage your audience, but it also relieves the pressure when it comes to remembering to cover all the key points!

8) Video advertisement screens:  Larger brands are utilising the growing number of video display screens dotted around public areas. Primarily found in cities, video screen, video walls and even video bus shelter screens are all ideal places to advertise your business to the general public – if applicable.