7 reasons why you should be using video marketing in 2017

7 reasons why you should be using video marketing in 2017

There’s no doubt that 2016 has seen a huge increase in the popularity of online video content – with all the major social media players such a Facebook, Instagram & YouTube adding more and more functionality to their video functions. The launch of the Facebook Live video, the further growth of SnapChat, as well as extended Instagram videos have all confirmed that audiences are consuming more video than any other media, whether it’s for personal entertainment or business use. Therefore as a business looking to market itself, it’s now imperative that you start considering your video marketing strategy, and how you get your video content in front of your ideal customer.

As Eldraw Creative Media is a reputable video production company working with businesses in and around Northampton, we have put together 7 reasons why your business should be using video marketing in 2017.


Reason #1 – Video is set to grow even bigger

Cisco predicts “by 2019, 80% of global Internet consumption will be video content“. This means those websites & social media accounts without video are likely to suffer, as most audiences will soon be looking for video as their preferred source of information. Although yet to be confirmed, many web companies believe that Google will make video a larger ranking factor when it comes to search engine optimisation. It’s also noted that many people are turning to Youtube to solve their questions rather than a traditional search engine like Bing, Yahoo etc. As Youtube is owned by Google there is certainly a powerful message to take from this.

Reason #2 – Video has a higher retention rate.

It’s been suggested that a typical humans attention span has dramatically reduced to a measly 8 seconds (May 2015). This puts us humans a whole 1 second slower than our goldfish friends. It’s common sense to assume a website full of text is never going to get read in full, where as a series of attractive pictures and videos are going to help retain interest for a little longer. This also applies to adverts, emails and any form of digital communication. 65% of viewers watch more than ¾ of a video.

Reason #3 – Video improves click through rates.

Marketing emails, blogs & social media adverts are said to be more enticing when they feature a video. There’s a lot of conflicting statistics, however all of them suggest video has a dramatically higher click through rate when compared to emails without video. If your goal is to get clicks through to your website then video can be a great way to feed visitors into your sales funnel.

Reason #4 – Video helps your business rank on Google (SEO).

Properly optimised videos are a great way to increase your web presence. Youtube videos can be displayed as a stand alone result on Google, and can help knock your competition further down the results page. If your website also ranks well, then it’s possible you’ll display twice on one search results page – even better.

It’s a good idea to create videos focused on each keyword or service you are looking to be found for. We recommend that companies think long term, producing regular video ‘content’ rather than focusing on a single one of production.

Reason #5 – Video plays on all platforms.

Video plays on all platforms. Whether this be on your laptop, PC, Tablet, Mobile or even your smart TV. Video can be streamed pretty much anywhere and anytime. Website responsiveness is important when it comes to SEO and making your content user friendly.

Reason #6 – Google Video Adwords is very cheap!

Most businesses will be familiar with Google Adwords, a pay per click platform allowing you to target specific areas, demographics, interests and keywords. Google Adwords mainly displays your adverts across Google search engine results allowing you to ‘pay per click’ to appear in front of your ideal customers. Many users are unaware that Google also offers Video Adwords, utilising its Youtube and partner display networks to deliver targeted video adverts before other youtube videos, or show banner adverts on 3rd party websites. These video adverts are just as worthy of targeting as any other Adwords campaign, but with fairer terms and much fairer pricing, with some video ads costing as little as 5 pence per view.

Reason #7 – Facebook gives priority & more ‘reach’ when posting a video

In the past year Facebooks algarithem (the code that decides which content get priority) has swayed heavily towards video. If you are a regular consumer of video content then you are likely to get shown even more of them. In general the most ‘reach’ or exposure comes from Facebook posts that include a video (uploaded to Facebook directly).

Further to this Facebook has introduced Facebook Live videos allowing you to stream live video recordings from your mobile phone and interact with your audience live. There is also software that allows you to upload a pre-recorded video and stream it via the Live function. The main benefit of Facebook Live is the fact it currently notifies every ‘Facebook friend’ that you are currently live streaming, this increases your reach dramatically.


So there’s just 7 reasons why you should be using video within your 2017 marketing campaign, and you can rest assure there are many more. If you know video is a great idea but just don’t know where to start, then why not talk to elDRAW’s Creative team for some guidance and help putting together an on going plan. Call us on 01832 730606

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