5 Reasons Why Your Video Marketing Isn’t Working

It’s amazing how many people invest the time to produce business marketing videos, but then fail to use the videos effectively. In this quick blog we discuss 5 Reasons Why Your Video Marketing Isn’t Working. By ‘not working’ we mean the videos arn’t getting seen by many people, and why it’s not helping you make sales.

The reason why a video marketing campaign may not be working could be down to a number of factors, based on the way the video itself is created, as well technicalities such as poor optimisation. Here’s elDRAW’s top 5 things to consider…

  1. Your video’s structure isn’t engaging

    The first cause of failure is getting the video content wrong! No matter how many views it may get, if the video doesn’t give the viewer the information they were looking for, or give them that WOW factor, then you are fighting a loosing battle. It’s proven that audiences have ever reducing attention spans, and will click back within seconds if you don’t capture their attention. Getting your marketing video structure right is vital! Ask an expert and plan, plan, plan.

  2. Your video isn’t optimised for search

    There are several ways that a marketing video can be optimised on search engines. Typically we suggest using Youtube as your main video hosting platform – Youtube is owned by web giant Google. There’s a lot more to Youtube than simply pressing upload. Video’s can be optimised using keywords and search terms in a similar manor to your website. When uploading to Youtube make sure you use appropriate Titles, Descriptions, Tags and closed captions – We offer Youtube optimisation to all our clients.

  3. You’re not using the video on enough platforms

    The biggest mistake you can make is to merely embed the video onto your website and think your job is done. The greatest thing about video is its versatility – You can share video in SO SO many ways, and many times over. Here’s just a few places you should use your video…

    – Email marketing – Email signatures – ALL social media accounts – Business listings – Promoted posts & adverts – Video print brochures – Exhibition & Reception screens – Blogs – Website pages –

  4. You only have ONE video

    Video content is king. Having one video is great, but realistically to get the most out of video as a marketing tool, you need to be producing videos on a regular basis. Why? because video is now the preferred way to consume information (for the majority). Not only that, if you are targeting keywords for optimisation purposes (SEO), then you should be creating videos targeted towards each specific keyword or search term – That’s why informative videos that answer questions work so well – check out some of the most popular videos on Youtube!

  5. You’re not spending any money on paid video posts

    The creation of your video content shouldn’t be the end of your investment. You’ve spend money creating the perfect sales tool, so why wouldn’t you pay a little more to make sure it’s seen by the right people. Promoted posts and paid advertisements let you target specific audiences based on their interests, age, sex and location. You can even re-target people who have visited your website in the past but maybe didn’t contact you or make a purchase. Paid promoted video posts are not expensive, and can be as cheap as a few pence per view! Ask for more details.


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