4 Marketing plan must do’s for 2017

If you’re serious about pushing your marketing in 2017 then you no doubt have read about the importance of using Video within your marketing campaigns. As a video production professional I’ve written up a list of video related strategies that SHOULD be apart of your on-going marketing. Many of these can apply more generally too!


#1. Video content – emphasis on ‘content’

Content by definition is of course multiple items of information. For video to have a stronger benefit to your marketing you should be creating regular short videos to post out online – on your website, blog, social media feeds and news letters. Remember to keep a consistent quality of production and branding, whilst tweaking the content to fit keyword research or even requested topics by your ‘fans’. If you have a corporate video be sure to share this regularly too, a good mix between informative content and sales messages should be considered.


#2. Facebook, Youtube & Linked-in sponsored posts (adverts)

Once you have content to play with, be sure to share this with specific and relivent audiences. Assuming you don’t already have a large freely reachable audience then make sure you explore the paid advertising platforms offered by Facebook, Youtube and Linked in. These are not only affordable (Facebook & Youtube more so) but also highly targetable to make sure these videos are seen by the right people. As with any marketing ploy, you can’t always expect instant success – build up your reputation and try to grow a following over time


#3. Email campaigns with video content

Either using existing or specifically produced content, your regular email news letters and every day email signatures should be incorporating click through links to your videos. Emails with videos included dramatically increase click through rates and interaction. Email marketing can be hard work, but is often a cheap resource. Adding video can really help gain traction, check out this click through rate test by Wistia


#4 Go LIVE

If you have some following on social media you should be going LIVE and using the My Story features now available on Snapchat, Instagram and now Facebook! This can increase the amount of people who are likely to see your content as the social media algorithms prioritises LIVE content right now! If you are LIVE then a notification will be sent out to your friends & followers. If you’re scared of making mistakes or possible brand damage by staff then you will be pleased to know that it is possible to LIVE stream pre-recorded content using certain softwares! You can then log in to your social accounts and interact with your audience live in the comments section.

If you’re looking for help to create video marketing concepts, or the skills of our videographers then be sure to contact elDRAW Creative Media. Filming content in bulk is a great way to make video marketing a truly affordable and powerful media!


Written by: Chris Wardle – Director & Lead Videographer