1 minute video coming to Instagram (& more)

Social media fans and businesses alike should be pleased to hear the announcement that Facebook owned Instagram is rolling out 1 minute videos – soon to be available to all users.

Instagram’s decision to increase video uploads from the current 15 seconds is said to be because “in the last six months, the time people spent watching video increased by more than 40 percent (instagram)” – they also hope this will increase more diverse content from users and celebrities alike.

1 minute video is available now to some select users, with celebrities such as Drake taking advantage of the platform. Look out for app updates over the following months.

What this means for businesses 

To date Instagram video has been a challenge for many businesses to utilise. The 15 seconds length was just not enough to get across much of a message, and extremely tricky to edit – admittedly it was fairly good for short sharp product videos or trailers to other content.  Now your video content options have grown dramatically, with paid advertisement options slowly dominating the user experience too!

Finally it means if you are investing in video content, then Instagram is now ANOTHER reliable platform to promote from.

BONUS! In app Instagram editing & video views

The new update not only gives you the optimal 1 minute view time to play with, but brings with it the option to edit video footage within the app, letting you join together clips from different files from your camera roll. Other features now include the ability to view ‘likes’ and the number of ‘video views’ – Don’t forget Instagram no longer forces your media to be square either!